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Increasing effectiveness in industrial F&B production

In dynamic food & beverage production there is one topic which is constantly in focus: How to profit at maximum from the installed equipment of your plant? In other words: how can you improve your OEE? This question doesn’t change, even with new approaches like Smart Factory or Industry 4.0 in mind. Find the answer […]

Are you already familiar with our Command Sequencer?

How do you automate the switching processes of your transformer station or your distribution network? By means of a command-line editor? By means of the PLC? We have thought about it and would like to introduce you to the COPA-DATA way: Without PLC programming. Without shell commands. From the user directly. See here

zenon is the power behind Powerlink Queensland major upgrade project

Nothing tells a story like success and here is where you can find out why Powerlink Queensland chose zenon to carry out a major upgrade to its HMI which enabled to get a cost-effective and highly-functional solution without the need for an expensive recommissioning effort. Perhaps this is just what you are looking for?? Link to […]

DT Partners Newsletter No. 10; August 2015

zenon : A look into the future – HMI 4.0 What will human-machine interfaces (HMIs) look like in the future? And how can specialists themselves feed their expertise into systems by means of user-generated operational aids? COPA-DATA is contributing to the Fraunhofer Institute of Labor Economics and Organization’s (IAO) “HMI 4.0” industry-wide collaboration, with our comprehensive knowledge of […]

DT Partners Newsletter No. 8

Do you sometimes have the feeling that your facility is a glutton? A few kilowatts of electricity here, a few bars of compressed air there, a few litres of water here, some cubic meters of gas there. Any facility that devours a lot of resources needs a fat wallet – or well-thought out energy management. […]

DT Partners and COPA-DATA presents zenon 7.20

A fundamental requirement for a smart factory are ergonomic software solutions that allow efficient engineering and a positive user experience, and which are also highly scalable, secure and powerful in the process. With zenon 7.20, COPA-DATA is presenting a new software version that can meet these requirements. “With zenon 7.20, we are offering a product that […]

For SIL 2 certification and IEC 61508 compliance – we have you covered

COPA-DATA receives the “Safety Integrity Level 2” (SIL 2) certification and thus meets the requirements in accordance with the international standard IEC 61508 for the reliability of the safety functions of operational facilities. Companies that use zenon can achieve Safety Integrity Level 2 for their systems and infrastructures this way. This certification was carried out […]

Director Pascal Schaub presenting IEC 61850 training in England

DT Partners Pty Ltd is proud to announce that our Director, Pascal Schaub, has been asked to conduct training at an Energy Day in the UK. This is an exclusive event for users and/or interested parties of zenon our HMI/SCADA solution package which Pascal is to be the key presenter.