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Helinks Engineering Tools

Helinks STS

Engineering tool for substation automation based on IEC 61850.


HELINKS STS is a toolset for IEC 61850 based Substation Automation System Engineering. It is designed to support a device-independent top-down engineering process in accordance with part 4 and part 6 of the IEC 61850 standard-series. The toolset comprises a

  • System Specification Tool;
  • System Configuration Tool; and
  • Various utilities for SCL Handling.

Advanced graphical editors (Single Line Editor, Function Diagram Editor, System Diagram Editor) serve to build the SCL files for an SAS project.

Additional features include:

  • Bay, Function and IED Libraries
  • Excel Import/Export of Signal List
  • SCL import and export
  • SCL direct editing and validation
  • Signal Engineering
  • Communication specification
  • Automatic generation of IEC 61850 communication configurations (MMS Reports, GOOSE)
  • Advanced documentation features

Helinks STS comes with different Vendor Packages, providing improved support for different vendor products.  The automatic generation of an SCD communication configuration generally requires a Vendor Package to cater for some of the vendor-specific IEC 61850 product implementation details.

Helinks Products and Services Brochure

Helinks Products and Services Brochure
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