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DT Partners Newsletter No. 10; August 2015

zenon : A look into the future – HMI 4.0

What will human-machine interfaces (HMIs) look like in the future? And how can specialists themselves feed their expertise into systems by means of user-generated operational aids? COPA-DATA is contributing to the Fraunhofer Institute of Labor Economics and Organization’s (IAO) “HMI 4.0” industry-wide collaboration, with our comprehensive knowledge of HMI with zenon. 

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Video: No smart factory without security

Your company will get smarter. Every day. Inexorably. Knowledge accumulates. Systems become more compatible. Exchange of data becomes quicker and easier. Areas that were previously separate are merging together more and more. What happens if someone wants to hack your data and production processes? How can you protect yourself? We explain industrial security in a nutshell in 75 seconds.
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