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Agile production- in a fast-moving marketplace.

Targeted therapies are increasingly popular, but necessitate smaller volumes for smaller populations. Multi-product manufacturing facilities must be designed to be more agile, with the capability to react to changing demands quickly. Competition is also driving the industry towards contract manufacturing, with more flexible facilities to meet the needs of multiple customers.


Pharmaceutical Automation

Automation in Pharma manufacturing traditionally starts with filling, inspection and packaging. These recent shifts in the industry demand economic production of small batches- for white labelling or profitable but small niche markets. Multi batching and outsourcing only increases the importance of quality control. So automation and quality control must go hand in hand, as reputations rely on consistency and freedom from error.


With high-speed data integration, the future potential exists for personalised medicines, designed for age, gender and specific intolerances of individuals.


The zenon software platform allows for efficient processes in pharmaceutical production, from mass production to small quantities. zenon ensures transparency and supports continuous improvement processes in the validated environment.


Right now we can assist with optimisation of your disparate systems to manage the highest quality, yet fastest production process for medicines and supplements. For a hand with applications or a cost-benefit analysis, click here. 

zenon Pharmaceutical Product Brochure

zenon Pharmaceutical Product Brochure
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