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Automated Engineering

Real Time Insights through digitalization.

The traditional approaches to manufacturing, process control and engineering are facing increased pressure to compete on both cost, quality and time. Automated engineering enables companies to shift from the traditional to more flexible models.


This change requires the interconnection of new & existing industrial machinery and the implementation of intelligent control software. A connected production environment enables manufacturers to escape linear manufacturing operations, allowing different machines and processes to communicate and interact seamlessly. HMI/SCADA applications play a critical role in smart facilities by collecting, feeding and analysing data from the machinery on the factory floor. However, to achieve customised production lines, the software should also be capable of automated equipment configuration.


The zenon Software Platform has all the capabilities you need need  uses automated engineering delivers more flexibility to configure equipment to suit customer requirements, while also saving time and costs on the configuration.


A Smart View of Production

Automated engineering allows manufacturers to clearly visualise the production process, giving operators and management real-time insights into their production line performance.