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zenon Training

At every point of the customer experience.

zenon Product Training & Support

We provide our clients with zenon product training, technical / commercial support and after-sales service in order to assist them to optimize their automation environment. Our employees have worked with COPA-DATA on several official zenon training sessions and have excellent knowledge and understanding of zenon products and solutions.

Pre-Sales Technical Consultancy

Before we enter into any sale, we provide our clients all the necessary information they need to understand and make informed decisions about our products, assist them to determine the best solution for their requirements and work closely with them as a team on product evaluation.

zenon Training

Our zenon training packages are modified according to customer’s specific needs which ensure that the zenon training is relevant to their requirements and target audience. Training can be delivered to customers at their workplace or via webinars. The trainees will get a completion certificate relevant to the level of training in which they participated.

We ensure that our clients will get the knowledge of how to use zenon effectively.

After Sales Service

We also provide customer care and after-sales support by making our knowledge and services available to them during all phases of the project. Our after-sales services include on-call, on-line by email & on-site services.

Customer Updates

The customers can easily optimize their systems by utilizing our services in providing new versions, patches and service packs upon request.