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With the rise in the use of modern hardware technology in the industrial environment, such as Smartphones and tablets, there is also an increasing demand for new operating, interaction and visualization concepts. Within the framework of the research project “zenon Smart Interfaces” COPA-DATA is addressing these new market requirements and thereby extending its range of automation solutions for mobile devices.

The research project is focused, on the one hand, on intelligent user interfaces which can adapt to the particular situation and to the user and, on the other hand, to the associated interaction concepts which surpass common operating design. The aim is, amongst other things, that an automation system can independently detect the hardware on which it is running and automatically adapt for optimum operability on that particular device. The solution resulting from the research should feature the following four innovations: 1. new operating/interaction concepts, 2. intelligent control elements (user interface) 3. adaptions for use on mobile devices, and 4. support during engineering and application design. Read More

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