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What we do

We are the exclusive distributor of the zenon and Helinks STS products in Australia and New Zealand. We and our partners can facilitate the modernisation of your automation and control systems as well as integrate with other digital systems.

Our Industries

We’d love to advance your automation system capabilities! Get in touch below.

zenon 11 has been released

COPA-DATA has released zenon 11, the latest iteration of its intelligent software platform for industrial and energy sites. The new version introduces the powerful MTP Suite, a

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Connected Plant

Let’s integrate your disparate systems for improved efficiency, profitability and environmental footprint.

Leveraging Data & Analytics

Whatever industry you’re in, the promise of digitalisation includes- conceptualisation- consolidation of data-
visualisation-informed business decisions-automated optimisation.

Future Proof Business

Be part of the evolution of your industry, see how Automation and SCADA/HMI solutions from DT Partners can deliver stakeholder gains and future sustainability.

Tailored To Your Requirements

We offer software products and engineering services tailored to fit your business needs. We strive to form long-term sustainable relationships with our customers and product partners, and we aim to be an innovative, pro-active and flexible partner in your business.