The zenon Product Family from COPA-DATA

As a universally deployable product family, zenon ensures simple, secure and independent automation for many companies worldwide. The HMI/SCADA software offers an integrated overall solution from the sensor to the ERP. Your machines can be operated quickly and safely with zenon as HMI – even with Multitouch. As Process Control System, zenon ensures optimal visualisation, supervision and control even in complex networks. As integrated PLC System, zenon communicates with any hardware. zenon Analyzer ensures extensive reporting in real time, which automatically processes all relevant data from automation and IT into individually configurable reports. The zenon product family can easily be integrated into existing structures as platform-independent HMI/SCADA solution. Wizards like the WinCC Converter allow for a simple transfer from other systems. 

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zenon - The Future is Ergonomics
Discover ergonomic process solutions with zenon.

zenon HMI/SCADA System
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