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DT Partners presenting at zenonIZE 20

Pascal Schaub will be presenting at the upcoming COPA-DATA Partner and User Event zenonIZE 20 in Salzburg. Pascal will also be delivering zenon workshops on IEC 61850 System integration and zenon Architecture Design. The workshops will soon be advertised on the zenonIZE 20 event page so register for the event and stay tuned to sign up for the workshops.  

Master Class in IEC 61850 Systems Commissioning & Maintenance Testing

Pascal Schaub and James Stokes from Jarrah Solutions have delivered another Masterclass in IEC 61850 Commissioning and Maintenance for TransGrid’s Field Test Engineers and Technicians. The course was well received and provided the course participants with the knowledge und understanding of how to safely, reliably and efficiently test, commission, place into service and maintain protection … Read More

DT Partners Newsletter No. 10; August 2015

zenon : A look into the future – HMI 4.0 What will human-machine interfaces (HMIs) look like in the future? And how can specialists themselves feed their expertise into systems by means of user-generated operational aids? COPA-DATA is contributing to the Fraunhofer Institute of Labor Economics and Organization’s (IAO) “HMI 4.0” industry-wide collaboration, with our comprehensive knowledge of … Read More

zenon Energy Data Management System can provide real savings and help you reach your targets!

The zenon Energy Data Management System already fulfills all of the necessary requirements for comprehensive energy management. The system can be simply integrated into existing infrastructures and can centrally read, gather and also process large amounts of data from various sources if required. It is possible to merge historical data and real time data from … Read More

DT Partners Newsletter No. 8

Do you sometimes have the feeling that your facility is a glutton? A few kilowatts of electricity here, a few bars of compressed air there, a few litres of water here, some cubic meters of gas there. Any facility that devours a lot of resources needs a fat wallet – or well-thought out energy management. … Read More

DT Partners and COPA-DATA presents zenon 7.20

A fundamental requirement for a smart factory are ergonomic software solutions that allow efficient engineering and a positive user experience, and which are also highly scalable, secure and powerful in the process. With zenon 7.20, COPA-DATA is presenting a new software version that can meet these requirements. “With zenon 7.20, we are offering a product that … Read More