Increasing effectiveness in industrial F&B production

June 14, 2016

In dynamic food & beverage production there is one topic which is constantly in focus: How to profit at maximum from the installed equipment of your plant? In other words: how can you improve your OEE?

Are you already familiar with our Command Sequencer?

June 1, 2016

How do you automate the switching processes of your transformer station or your distribution network? By means of a command-line editor? By means of the PLC? We have thought about it and would like to introduce you to the COPA-DATA way: Without PLC programming. Without shell commands. From the user directly.

zenon is the power behind Powerlink Queensland major upgrade project

September 10, 2015

Find out why Powerlink Queensland chose zenon to carry out a major upgrade to its HMI which enabled to get a cost-effective and highly-functional solution without the need for an expensive recommissioning effort.

DT Partners Newsletter No. 10; August 2015

June 1, 2015

In this newsletter we look at knowledge management and transfer in the HMI of the future and look at how to handle security in the Smart Factory.

zenon Energy Data Management System can provide real savings and help you reach your targets!

May 5, 2015

Australian companies are increasingly confronted with the challenge of saving resources and reducing consumption in order to continually optimize their energy budget effectively particularly to achieve a better bottom line and reach company environmental impact targets. With the zenon Energy Data Management System, a new solution package for energy data management will work to support companies to introduce and implement productive energy management.

DT Partners Newsletter No. 8

March 8, 2015

Do you sometimes have the feeling that your facility is a glutton? A few kilowatts of electricity here, a few bars of compressed air there, a few litres of water here, some cubic meters of gas there. Any facility that devours a lot of resources needs a fat wallet – or well-thought out energy management. With the zenon Energy Data Management System, you sharpen not just the energy awareness in your company, you also effectively reduce your consumption, optimize your resources and save costs in the bargain, whilst also helping the environment. Find out how to "feed" your facility in a considered and balanced manner. See it all here. You prefer moving images instead of long texts? Complex content, simply portrayed, for example in animated explanatory videos? To cut a long story short: Visit COPA-DATA's YouTube channel!

DT Partners and COPA-DATA presents zenon 7.20

February 24, 2015

COPA-DATA is releasing a new version of its HMI/SCADA solution, zenon 7.20, which is fully consistent with the principle of the Smart Factory: the software allows users to carry out targeted analyses and Big Data evaluations and provides all relevant information at any time and everywhere. In addition, companies can set up a cost-effective and scalable cloud solution based on zenon and Microsoft technologies.

Going to the CIGRE Australia SEAPAC 2015 Conference. See you there!!

January 23, 2015

CIGRE Australia SEAPAC 2015 Conference - DT Partners will have a booth at the CIGRE conference and we would love to see anyone and everyone attending to chat about zenon's SCADA/HMI and process control solutions. We think it is a great solution so come and visit our booth and let us demonstrate to you how flexible and future proofing zenon is. We will also have a practical demonstration and demo projects available showing how easy it is to use. Come and see zenon in action using the Lego Mindstorm robot and win a prize!!

For SIL 2 certification and IEC 61508 compliance - we have you covered

January 21, 2015

Our partner in Austria, COPA-DATA has received the "Safety Integrity Level 2" (SIL 2) certification and meets the compliance requirements of the standard IEC 61508 for the reliability of the safety functions of operational facilities. Companies that use zenon can now easily achieve Safety Integrity Level 2 for their systems and infrastructures.

Director Pascal Schaub presenting IEC 61850 training in England

September 10, 2014

DT Partners Pty Ltd is proud to announce that our Director, Pascal Schaub, has been asked to conduct training at an Energy Day in the UK. This is an exclusive event for users and/or interested parties of zenon our HMI/SCADA solution package which Pascal is to be the key presenter.

Masterclass in IEC61850 System Commissioning and Maintenance Testing

September 10, 2014

Due to demand our own Pascal Schaub and Jarrah Solutions, James Stokes are following up their very successful Masterclass in IEC 61850 Systems Integration with another class specifically for testing and commissioning of IEC 61850 systems. Book early as these classes are sure to fill up quickly!

Pascal Schaub to present at 13th Annual National SCADA Conference

June 17, 2014

DT Partners Pty Ltd is proud to announce that our Director, Pascal Schaub, has been asked to present at the 13th Annual National SCADA Conference in Sydney. He will be joining a line up of the elite SCADA experts in Australia for this conference. Click on the link to sign up now.

COPA-DATA receives Microsoft Gold Intelligent Systems Competency

May 21, 2014

Our product partner COPA-DATA, has received Microsoft Gold Intelligent Systems Competency standing. With the award of the Gold Intelligent Systems Competency, Microsoft is acknowledging the portfolio of services zenon offers as well as the know-how COPA-DATA demonstrates in this new field of application. This means more compatibility in the widely used Microsoft suite making zenon a much more versatile prospect

zenon Challenge 2014

April 2, 2014

The zenon Challenge has started and is great fun. It is a competition on a global scale that connects the complexity of the automation industry with the fun of LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3. It is a great opportunity to learn and have fun, particularly if you are new to zenon. Can you get the robot to work for you??

zenon 7.11 - One step further in Ergonomics

March 14, 2014

The time has come - zenon 7.11 is now released. The new release is packed with new features including a wide range of configuration options in order to guarantee breakdown security, functional and operational security.

zenon evaluated for Industry 4.0 competence - Great results!

March 14, 2014

On behalf of COPA-DATA, Fraunhofer Institute for Labor Economics and Organization (IAO) has assessed zenon in terms of important future requirements for innovative HMIs and HMI engineering tools and the results were very good.

Powerlink Queensland has signed up with zenon

February 26, 2014

Powerlink Queensland has signed up with COPA-DATA for zenon to be their standard HMI solution. We at DT Partners Pty Ltd think big things will follow in the Australian and New Zealand energy market and you should be part of it!

New zenon release and support cycles

February 14, 2014

From now on COPA-DATA will bring an annual new release per product to the market. Each new zenon version will be available in Spring; new versions of the reporting software zenon Analyzer are presented annually in Fall.

Master Class in IEC 61850 Systems Integration

February 5, 2014

DT Partners is proud to announce the upcoming Master Class in IEC 61850 System Integration. The two day training course will provide engineers and technicians with a working knowledge of the IEC 61850 Edition 1 standard. Demonstrations will be performed using a multi-vendor test rack to demonstrate the individual steps required to implement and test a full substation automation system.

Useful hyperlinks to information on substation and grid automation

November 22, 2013

Trying to find links, information and articles on substation and grid automation? Try 'Useful Links' in the 'Download' menu of our web portal.

COPA-DATA customer magazine takes on a new look

September 11, 2013

Under the motto “The Future is Ergonomics” the latest issue of COPA-DATA customer magazine Information Unlimited is published in September. What is special about this issue? It has a full `facelift´. This means: new design, new layout, high-quality images, new size, simpler navigation, and much more...convince yourself and have a look through the new IU.

Information "to go": zenon on mobile devices

June 24, 2013

People have different information requirements. In order to offer our customers the right information, at the right time and the right place, an array of mobile solutions are developed with zenon. The range reaches from SMS to an App, right up to applications for tablets

zenon 7.10 supports full performance of Windows 8

April 26, 2013

zenon 7.10, COPA-DATA`s new automation software version is compatible with Windows 8 as of release and supports the complete performance of the new Microsoft operating system.

COPA-DATA begins research project on intelligent user interfaces

April 18, 2013

With the rise in the use of modern hardware technology in the industrial environment, such as Smartphones and tablets, there is also an increasing demand for new operating, interaction and visualization concepts. Within the framework of the research project "zenon Smart Interfaces" COPA-DATA is addressing these new market requirements and thereby extending its range of automation solutions for mobile devices.

COPA-DATA introduces zenon 7.10

February 2, 2013

In March 2013, COPA-DATA will introduce a new version of its automation software. zenon 7.10 again focuses on the user and features pioneering technology, with its support of 64-bit, Windows 8 and Multi-Touch.

The Legacy HMI Replacement Journey

October 1, 2012

Convert the database and pictures of your old HMI/SCADA to zenon in a matter of minutes.

Partnering agreement with COPA-DATA

December 31, 1969

DT Partners has signed a partnering agreement with COPA-DATA.